Under the name of Orwacht Faris I’m artist and amateur photographer. Born in Russia in ’90, I moved to Germany where I lived for 10+ years and studied Graphic-Design, after I decided to go for something that I like doing, arts. Currently based in Saint Petersburg for a year now. My art is mostly realistic, aesthetic and detailed lines and dots on paper. I use ink and graphite most of the time to create things I like. I love drawing wildlife, skulls, mythologycal and dark things.

Verschiedene stile?

Ob Cartoon, Comicstil oder realistische Illustration. Von der professionellen Umsetzung von Kinderbüchern über bis hin zu Illustrationen für Webseiten, Logos oder T-Shirt-Motiven

  • SMM Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Worked on projects spanning designing website on WordPress
  • social media posts, flyers, logos
  • Worked with illustrating album covers
  • portraits, apparel, and custom illustrations
  • Managed an eCommerce store
  • to sell illustrations on posters, apparel and merchandise
  • Marketed services on social media
  • Managed an eCommerce store
  • customised the eCommerce platform with HTML, CSS and JS
  • Merchandise of interior colors
  • Managed an eCommerce store